This week I got a tattoo of Nolan's English and Chinese names (for free :-).  For his English name, I designed an anagram, which is a word that can still be read upside-down.  It was pretty simple, since Nolan's name is almost symmetrical (the only difference being the "o" and "a" which were easy to convert).  The tattoo completely encircles my left forearm and on the back below my elbow is his Chinese name is swoopy Chinese script.

It was nice to sit in the tattoo chair again after a nearly year-long break, though I'm sure this will be my last for a while.  I got the tattoo for free because I interviewed the tattoo artist for an English-language Xiamen magazine and he offered to give me the tattoo free of charge, which I feebly protested but eventually gave in :-).  Seriously, this dude is excellent, and I've been tattooed by more than a dozen artists in China and the States.  If you're ever in Xiamen and looking to get inked, go to his website for more info.

08/19/2010 13:24

Mark, it's a long time I wanted to ask you - does your wife also have tattoos?

08/19/2010 20:39

Before we met, she didn't have any, but now she has two- a copy of the scorpion from my arm on her lower back and a very colorful phoenix on her shoulder.

11/04/2010 08:09

Great looking tattoo. I love anagrams, always gets me thinking about what letters can be designed like you did the A and O.


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