I haven't posted on this blog for a while, because we've been busy getting our new apartment ready.  But the good news is that we finally moved in last week.  It's still a work in progress but it's so nice to have our own home.  It's a pretty cool feeling to look around and realize that everything I see belongs to us and was paid for by my hard work.  No more landlords, no more rent, no more leases.  Just a mortgage for the next 9 years :-P.

Our home is about 90 sq. m., 2 bedrooms, one bathroom (with an actual bath!), a kitchen, a living room, and a balcony.  We're on the 21st floor so we look out over the ocean, though between us and the ocean are some low-lying industrial buildings and train tracks.  Still, it's quieter than our previous location in Xiamen.  The rooms have large windows that let in a lot of sunshine and the view makes the home seem a lot bigger.

Since we now live outside of the island, the surrounding area is pretty much like a small Chinese city.  No foreigners besides me, and not much in the way of shopping and nightlife.  But on the plus side, everything is crazy cheap and there are restaurants galore, so in proper Chinese tradition, food is going to become a primary source of entertainment :-).  I've even got a Chinese tea set now and I spend every evening sipping Oo Long tea.

The biggest negative is the distance that I have to travel every day to get to work, but a new bridge is under construction that will cross the sea and provide a direct route to my school, so when that's operational, it will take even less time to get to the university than when I lived in Xiamen.

It's been a busy week but it's good to finally be home :-).

12/12/2010 21:32

You need to post a picture of the view from your window, too!

12/27/2010 21:47

Hello Mark, I've been reading your blog for quite a while now - I'm a British student here studying at Xiamen University. Interestingly, I found your blog by total coincidence when I was browsing Chinasmack.

I've been following your blog for a while - congratulations to both of you on your stable and good life in Xiamen! I'd be really interested in hearing how you got all this finished and managed - the house, your marriage and family, and life in Xiamen. I hope to stay in Xiamen long-term too, and though some people disagree with me, I'm feeling set on doing my BA degree at Xia Da since I haven't graduated yet.

Anyway, it's good to post a comment here after reading for such a long time. I've a Weebly blog too, but it's barely off the ground yet. All the best!


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