Unlike in the USA, university students and tattoos don't often mix in China.  Part of it is the submissive attitude towards parents, as well as the cost, the pain, and the public perception that someone sporting a tattoo is trying to be "bad."

I have a come across a few brave souls, however, even in my own classes.  In one class, two students got tattoos this semester, and one of them got hers at the tattoo artist I frequent.  My student said that the tattoo guy asked her where I've been lately, since it's been a while since my last ink session.

I've also spotted a few of the more diva-inclined students sporting cute designs on their ankles or on their shoulder blades.  More often than not, one will encounter these students staying outside the school gates long into the night, drinking, smoking, and chatting with douchebag-looking dudes, thus further solidifying their "bad" perception.  But I don't judge.

I don't flaunt my tattoos in class and around campus, but the tatoos on my forearms are visible, and while they're a bit of a surprise to students during the first couple of weeks, after a while, they just ignore them.  Although I do see students doodling on their arms or fingers every once in a while.  And while I'd like to think that I'm inspiration for this yearning to be tattooed, I know that deep down inside, most people would get a tattoo if they had the money, the pain tolerance, and parental and social approval.  Just look at the SIMS computer game.  I've never played it, but every screenshot I've seen shows SIMS avatars sporting elaborate ink.  Ah, to dream...
Kinda hard to hide these....

06/14/2010 03:02

You know, in some companies you wouldn't pass interview even if you have a tiny visible tattoo...

Just curious - why there's no hair around the tattoo on your arm? Is it fresh?

06/14/2010 06:31

Haha yeah, it's an old photo, taken just a couple days after I got the tattoo last year.

If I wear long-sleeve shirts, the only visible tattoo I have is my wedding ring tattoo, and everyone thinks it's romantic, not trashy :-P. In America these days, tattoos are so common, most companies wouldn't have a problem with tattoos as long as they are easily covered. In China though, it's a different story...

06/15/2010 16:02

Hi Mark! Just reading thru your entries. I think it odd that in China where they have many awesome tattoos/artists that they would not be so hard on someone having/showing them. I try to teach my son (10) to use words that are less common like precipice and conundrum to name a few. Some words are getting too worn out.
Well anyway nice new site it looks better than the one before.
I like your back tats. What's the story behind them? I will link to you if it's ok. Have a great week! =)

06/15/2010 16:16

Me again sry. I know you have an old site on blogger but do u know u can export it to a file(xml?) then import it to a new site? I use WordPRess and it can automaticaly import from Blogger to move an the entire site. I dont know if Weebly gives tools to import but just an idea so you wont have 2 seperate sites. Living in China might limit your choices so this might not help you much in the end but just an idea!

06/15/2010 19:45

Hi Tom- thanks for your comments. I thought about trying to import my old site but I figured it would be too much of a hassle, so I just put up a link to the old site on my "Links" page. I don't even visit the old Blogger site anymore.

The back tattoos are from top to bottom: peace, respect, sacrifice, and kindness. Peace is the goal, and the other three are the steps to reach it. It's just a reminder to me to embody these concepts, and even though I know I won't change the world, at least I try not to do any damage.

06/17/2010 22:09

A tattoo on the back is one that you can never look at and see the way we can, without mirrors...lol You have to trust the artist a lot and our opinions too.
About the site at Blogger, i know how u feel I hae a MSN SPACES blog have tons of entries and comments. It is called "A Fathers Struggle" but they wont provide a way to export to my new WPress sites. I wish to keep the comments too and there are 1,000's of them. I started it in 2005 and am mad I can't move it (yet)
Have a great weekend! =)

06/18/2010 05:59

@tom- Haha yeah well if you look carefully, you'll see that the tribal designs on my shoulders aren't completely symmetrical. Actually, most of my tattoos have some minor error here or there but most are noticeable only to me. And the fact that they're not perfect is part of the rough-and-tumble charm :-P. Can you post the link for your MSN blog?


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