On July 24, 2010, little Nolan Z Carver entered the world at 2.9 kg.  He was slightly premature at 35 weeks but he's looking good and we expect to bring him home soon.  Tina's doing great- the delivery only took 7 hours from water breaking to birth, and she's getting her strength back quickly.  The baby's beautiful, and that's not just me as a dad talking :-).  He's got a high nose and double eyelids but still has the Chinese softness in his face.  We're very happy and praying for smooth sailing.  Pictures and more info to come!

07/26/2010 03:42

Congratulations! Waiting to see the pictures ASAP.

07/26/2010 08:16


07/26/2010 09:34

Congratulations, Mark!

09/13/2010 08:58

What does the Z stand for? Our Daniel's middle name is iJun.

09/13/2010 09:01

err, I meant ZiJUn

09/13/2010 21:07

Congratulations Nik! Nolan's Z stands for his Chinese family name (which is also my wife's) Zhu. But we didn't want him walking around named Nolan Jew Carver, so we opted for Z. Kinda weird but we think it's cool. I'll bet no one in the States can pronounce your son's middle name :-P.


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