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I've never had a reason to seriously regret getting tattooed.  On the bus the other day, I heard a kid ask his dad if I was a killer, but these small incidents make me feel self-conscious rather than ashamed, and generally my ink receives positive reactions (when I walk through the crowd at my university, I hear a chorus of "Wahh...so cool!" in my wake).  I never wear T-shirts to class, but other than this, I don't go out of my way to either hide or flaunt my tattoos.

Bryon Widner has a different story.  Once a prominent skinhead, now a husband and father seeking a life of normalcy, he realized that his abundant and hateful racist tattoos were a barrier to his future.  You can read an amazing article about his transformation here.

Just reinforces the cardinal rule: THINK BEFORE YOU INK.

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